Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beauty and Mystery

I have this neighbor.  Her name is Tina Whittle.

She's a really cool neighbor and an author, as well.  She writes a series of mystery novels based on her main character, Tai Randolph.  Tai lives in Atlanta and runs her uncles gun shop. During a series of events she runs into a gentleman named Trey and they turn into this mystery solving duo.  I have to admit that before reading Tina's first book, I would have never picked up a mystery to save my life!  My husband reads James Patterson and Stuart Woods novels all the time and I never felt compelled to read them.  I'm more of the Nora Roberts type.  But, curiosty killed the cat, so to speak.  I picked up the book Tina signed for me and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! 

So, check out Tina's first book: 

                      The Dangerous Edge of Things


Book #2:

                              Darker Than Any Shadow

Be on the lookout for book #3 in March 2012.  The title is Blood, Ash, and Bone!

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